Services and pricing

The services we provide

• Translation, proofreading & LQA
• Localization
• Subtitle translation, QC, timecoding & spotting
• Copy- and developmental editing
• Typesetting & text formatting
• Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, phone/skype)
• Academic & cultural research
• Copywriting & customized writing (including poetry)
• Linguistic consultancy & advice

Get a quote

The best way to get an exact quote is always to simply send us the document you want us to work on. If needed, we’re also happy to meet you in person for an initial discussion so we can get a better understanding of the nature of the project and of what your expectations are. Please also let us know about any further information as well, such as any deadlines, the purpose of the text, its intended use, and any special requirements you may have, so we can give you a price quote as quickly as possible.ª

The primary specialist areas we work in are the following:

• Translations for EU institutions
• The automotive & IT industries
• Marketing & advertising
• General business & legal documents
• Prose & poetry
• Arts, humanities & the social sciences
• Psychology, mental health and education, including e-learning

a      Our prices are normally calculated per 1,000 words of the source text or on an hourly basis, and the usual rate can vary from £30 to £180 per 1,000 words, or from £20 to £100 per hour, depending on the service provided and the language pair. Naturally, the cost can and will be affected by many different factors, such as subject matter, special formatting, complexity of the project, and the urgency of delivery. Therefore, we tend to work out a customized price for your project once we understand exactly what you need.

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